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Prof. Masunaga Reiho answered: Zen is the practice that helps every human being to penetrate to his true self through cross leg sitting (Zazen), and to vitalize this self in daily life

This site is dedicated mainly to Dogen Zenji (1200-1253) teachings; To Prof. Masunaga Reiho (1901-1981) and his explanations and teachings of Dogen's Zen, and to his disciple Mr. Dan Waxman from Israel (born 1936).

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This cross-legged sitting is not step by step meditation. It is merely comfortable teaching. It is the training and enlightenment of thorough wisdom. The Koan will appear in daily life. You are completely free - like the dragon that has water or the tiger that depends on the mountain. You must realize that the Right Law naturally appears, and your mind will be free from sinking and distraction. Dogen - Fukanzazengi

Prof. Masunaga A Photo of Prof. Masunaga Reiho: click to photo galery is Dharama heir and a member of the Soto Zen lineage in Japan that was established by Dogen Zenji. The site headlines are named after Two books: "Zen in daily life" and "The Soto approach to Zen", that Prof. Masunaga wrote (in English).

Danny Waxman A photo of Danny Waxman: click to photo galery is a layman disciple of Prof. Masunaga, and stayed in Japan for 13 years between the years 1958-1983, learning Zen and Martial Arts.

My name is Ofer. I am a Zen (and martial-art) disciple of Mr. Dan Waxman, and function as the builder and the editor of the site. I try to help my teacher Danny Waxman in his efforts to fulfill Prof. Masunaga Goals Which are:

  • To teach Zazen as the direct way to penetrate True self and reach Satori (Enlightenment) within daily life.
  • To enhance full functioning (Zenki) in daily life, vitalize our true self, combining creativity and practical humanism together as oneness.
  • To help bring together the deep wisdom of the east and the achievements of science and culture of the west.
  • To create a more compassionate humanistic society.

For achieving these goals, Prof. Masunaga welcomed Western students that wanted to learn and practice Zazen, lectured about Zen and wrote three books about Zen in English, aimed for the western readers.

The names of three of the most important books are:

  1. Zen in Daily life.
  2. Zen beyond Zen.
  3. Soto Approach to Zen.

All these books are out of print for many years. Prof. Masunaga translated the most important and deep chapters of the masterwork Shobogenzo, including Fukanzazengi, Bendowa, GenjoKoan, Uji, Shoji, Zenki, and more. These books were translated to Hebrew by Danny and Ofer. For more information please go to Announcements.

We use this opportunity to bring portions of his books including his translations of the Shobogenzo in this site, for the benefits of all interested people. Our hope is that this act will open a possibility to re-publish these books, and make them once more available for the general public.

Prof. Masunaga wrote a very interesting and deep book concerning Dogen ideas about time (UJI). We also hope that it will be possible to translate this book and maybe other books of Prof. Masunaga, from Japanese to English and publish them.

We welcome everyone who wishes to Download (or use the print option) parts of this site - for personal use only! Any one who wish to make a public or commercial use of this texts and site or any part of it, must receive a written permission from the owners of the copyrights.

You are invited to contact us, and if you have questions concerning practicing Zen and/or Martial Arts, please ask, and Danny Waxman will try his best to answer them. Danny is a Zen teacher and the Senior Sensei of this site. As a Martial-Art teacher he holds 7dan from the Kodokan Judo Institute, and 15dan, Dai- shihan in Ninjutsu (Dr. Masakai Hatsumi), from Japan. There are times when Danny asks Ofer Cohen to answer on his behalf. Every answer will have our initials for sake of clearness.

please look for Zen training (Zazen oriented sessions) and Martial Arts training that include Zazen in Learn Zen in Israel Page.

Special thanks to all the people that are beyond the many sites of the Web, that offer freely and generously their knowledge, tools, and good advises that assisted me in building this site (Here is a partial list links to sites that give advice for site building).

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Every month 1500 different people from all over the world enter this site. This site is on the air since 1999 and since then over 200,000 people have visited this site.

Congratulations to Inbal Tepper for translating the book, Primer of Soto Zen, and for its publication by Magnes Press.

Special thanks to Itay that built the new version of this site. (From may 2010)

Please have a very good day!

Ofer. C

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